Get to Know Andrew Roche

Andrew Roche is a jack of many trades - he currently works as an underwriter at United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM) during the day and leads the digital marketing efforts for Buz Coffee, which is the umbrella title for three startups: Buz Beans, Buz Moment, and Buz Cart. In addition to his work at UWM and his efforts with Buz Coffee, Andrew is also pursuing an MBA in marketing and finance through the Mike Ilitch School of Business at Wayne State University.

Aside from his professional and academic involvement, Andrew Roche is also an avid member of the lacrosse community - both on the local and national level. In addition to his time on the field at Cranbrook Kingswood and Albion College - where he was a founding member of the men's varsity program - Andrew has also spent time on the sideline as a coach Detroit Country Day and on the field as an official.

Andrew Roche Digital Marketer

Andrew Roche: Digital Marketer

Andrew Roche's true passion revolves around digital marketing and connecting businesses with their ideal target audience(s). Andrew is passionate about creating unique voices and personalities for individuals & brands alike. He believes that individuals and brands of all shapes and sizes require a distinct voice.

His approach to digital marketing further supports the idea that each voice needs to be appealing, friendly, and informative in order to set the associated brand apart from the rest of the white noise that muddies up the vast majority of industries. Lastly, and quite possibly most importantly, Andrew firmly supports the idea that the ultimate purpose of these voices is to bridge the gap between the brand and its audience.

Andrew Roche feels that it is necessary to use elements from both his hard and soft skill sets in order to succeed in creating these unique voices. The hard skills are relatively universal:

  • Analyzing and interpreting irrefutable analytics
  • Tailoring content so that it is both SEO & SEM friendly
  • Possessing a working understanding of website design
  • Producing effective content that is both engaging and informative

The soft skills are much more fluid and difficult to measure. A few of the more essential soft skills include:

  • The 4-C’s: Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity
  • Persuasive writing to capture the attention of the audience
  • An overall sense of curiosity for the ever-changing digital landscape
  • A superfluous stockpile of tenacity to get difficult situations
  • A steadfast willingness to listen & learn
  • The ability to adapt and adjust on the fly

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Andrew Roche: Student-Athlete

Andrew Roche has always exhibited a competitive edge for as long as he can remember. Growing up he tested his hand at a number of sports - lacrosse, hockey, football, and golf just to name a few. He narrowed his field of focus down to lacrosse and football in high school while at Cranbrook Kingswood. He then followed his heart and pursued lacrosse as an undergraduate at Albion College.

During his time at Albion College, Andrew Roche was one of the founding fourteen players on the men’s varsity lacrosse team. This was a great experience since the team faced a lot of adversity as a first-year Division III program. This may not seem like an experience worth mentioning, but there are several traits and skills typical of student-athletes that are valuable in the professional world. Some of these skills include their unwavering resilience, their ability to focus on a goal and achieve it, their habit of putting the success of the team before our own, and one of Andrew's personal favorites—they’re scrappy.

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Andrew Roche in the Michigan Lacrosse Community

Lacrosse Coach

In addition to his years on the field, Andrew Roche enjoyed a handful of seasons on the sideline as a coach. During this second phase of his lacrosse career, Andrew Roche had the pleasure of working with two high school programs—the varsity program at Harper Creek HS (Harper Creek, MI) in their inaugural season in 2013 and the JV program at Detroit Country Day (Beverly Hills, MI) during their ’14 and ’15 campaigns. While the rush that comes with playing the game is second to none, the time he spent helping current players develop their skills and understanding of the game was rewarding in its own way.

Lacrosse Official

Andrew Roche's most recent involvement within the Michigan lacrosse community has been as a member of the ‘third team’ – aka an official. This has been both an extremely rewarding and eye-opening experience. His primary job as an official is to ensure a safe environment for all players. However, he is also able to guide player development at the same time when the situation presents itself.

Arnold Palmer Effort

Primary Side Project: Buz Coffee

I would be remiss of me to not make a shameless plug for my primary side project -- Buz Beans. Buz Beans is just the first of three branches that make up the rapidly growing Buz Coffee empire. As with most startups, Buz Beans developed from a simple conversation between two friends...the rest, as they say, is history.

Soon after Buz Beans took shape, we decided to buy a food truck, outfit it with all the bells and whistles needed to brew coffee and espresso, and slap our logo on the side...that was the birth of Buz Moment. The residents of the greater Osseo, Minnesota area can now grab a cup of joe on the fly at a more than reasonable price! Finally, we have the third branch of Buz Coffee - Buz Cart. This is a true extension of Buz Moment, such that we now have the ability to serve our above-average coffee indoors at far below average prices - we're talking $2.00 for a cup of coffee!